About Immigrant Strong newsletter

Each month, I send links to a book and essays about immigrant life — the struggles, triumphs, and quirks — by immigrants and refugees, and children of immigrants and refugees. I think immigrants should be using our voices and owning our narratives, and I want to elevate immigrant writers and their work. I also want to help diversify people’s bookshelves, so I focus on writers who are women of color.

About me

I grew up in the former Yugoslavia, then immigrated to Canada, and now live in the United States, where I work as a writer and communications consultant for nonprofits focusing on human rights and social justice. I have written about my immigrant experience for The New York TimesCatapultthe Washington Post and the New York Daily News. This year, I attended Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing conference as a parent-fellow, and participated in the Tin House Summer Workshop. Find me on twitter, @vesnajaksic, or on my website, www.vesnajaksic.com.

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Writing by—and children of—immigrants and refugees. The struggles, the triumphs, and the quirks.