Dear Paola, you are too kind! Thank you so much for your kind words, they made my day! So glad you're enjoying the newsletter!

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You know I absolutely love your newsletter... I'm reading the June issue only now that I got the notification for the July issue.

I had been travelling in June and I ended up waiting to read this so long that the new one came. Always waiting for a moment of quiet that was good enough to enjoy reading 100%.

This is what I used to do as a kid sometimes with my favourite weekly comic books :D

Thought you should know.

Thanks so much as always.

Your newsletter is truly one of the ones I look forward to receiving the most, dear Vesna.

Much love from Spain

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Vesna, several articles of interest to me. Thank you!!! By the way, in my substack I interview immigrants and children of immigrants, our interests very much aligned. Best wishes.

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